• 2021 – Anniversary 20 years BIOTURM

    We are proud of our milestone birthday and look back on 20 successful and happy years in which our team has grown and our product range has expanded enormously.
    The positive feedback from our customers gives us strength to continue to develop great natural cosmetics and makes everyday life easier for our customers with problem skin.
  • 2020 - the first products will be produced climate-neutral

    Our fixtures from 2020 and all new products launched on the market since 2021 are produced in a climate-neutral manner. The CO produced by a product2emissions are offset in climate protection projects, such as the procurement and transport of raw materials, production itself and shipping to consumers and retailers.

  • 2020 - First plastic-free festive pieces

    The important issue of packaging is difficult and cannot meet all requirements with a simple solution. All the more we appreciate the development of our plastic-free solid pieces, which represent an excellent alternative to liquid products and have convinced our customers with their high quality right from the start. In this way, together with our customers, we can make a major contribution to reducing plastic waste and thus protecting the environment.

  • 2018 - BIOTURM GmbH is climate-neutral

    We have been climate-neutral since 2018. But what exactly does that mean? All emissions generated by the company that cannot be further reduced are offset by the support of international environmental projects. This includes, for example, heating and electricity, operational trips of all employees (especially commutes), the entire vehicle fleet, all business trips and printed matter.

  • 2015 - Own organic bee colonies and cultivation of own raw materials

    The passionate running of a small apiary has not only been a hobby for Martin and Felix for several years, but the high-quality organic honey produced is also used in several BIOTURM products and is also sold regionally. The aim is to promote the pollination of regional plants and to research and make visible the positive effects that pollination of bees has on the local ecosystem. Perhaps it is possible to demonstrably preserve biodiversity by pollinating the different, closely spaced plants and medicinal herbs on the company premises and thus make a positive contribution to the local flora and fauna.
    Sunflowers and various medicinal herbs were grown on the company premises from high-quality organic seeds, and in 2016 the organic certification of the agricultural areas took place. We would like to use our own plants or products such as sunflower oil in our products, meet our special demands for consistent quality and thus further strengthen the regionality of our products.

  • 2014 - Certification of urea products as natural cosmetics

    Our first products skin protection ointment, hydrolotion and lipid lotion contain urea. We quickly realized that the combination of urea and our Lacto-Intensive active complex has an extraordinary and unique skin-soothing effect and enormously improves the quality of life of our customers with problem skin. The moisturizer urea is not recognized by the BDIH as an ingredient because it must be produced synthetically and cannot be obtained from natural sources. Due to the effect and the large amount of positive feedback from our customers, we fought for the use in our products and were able to have the products with urea tested and certified by the Italian certifier ICEA in 2014 and additionally by the newly created NatureThanx standard in 2018.

  • 2007 - First product certification according to BDIH

    We were aware of the need for a reliable seal with clear standards for the consumer at a very early stage. In the BDIH (member since 2005) and later the merger to COSMOS, we have found a partner who transparently illustrates the guideline criteria for natural cosmetics and continuously checks and certifies compliance with the quality characteristics that we take for granted to the consumer.

  • 2002 - the first products

    With these first products based on the Lacto-Intensive active complex, everything began for us: skin protection ointment, hydrolotion and lipid lotion were the products of the first hour. It soon became apparent that the products are extremely skin-compliant due to this basis, were very popular with people with skin problems and ensured a long-term reduction in their complaints. The Lacto-Intensive active complex is still the effective basis for a large number of our natural cosmetic products, to this day these products have proven themselves and are successfully used for therapy-accompanying care for neurodermatitis, psoriasis and dry to very dry skin.

  • 2001 - Foundation

    The organic pioneers Martin and Karin Evers founded BIOTURM after they were already active in the organic food sector more than 30 years ago with their own organic shop and later with their own brand Martin Evers Naturkost. The name BIOTURM originated from the historic water tower in Marienrachdorf, which stands on the original company premises in the Westerwald and has become a symbol of our company philosophy and stands as a sign of vision, stability and protection. The combination of organic and tower resulted in the brand name BIOTURM. Both elements of the name are important, of course the word "organic" as an assignment to certified natural cosmetics, but also the tower with its powerful symbolism.
    While Martin tried and tested a lot with natural foods and dairy products, he quickly noticed the particularly skin-conforming components and properties of organic whey, which he was able to bundle through further research in the lacto-intensive active complex.