LIEC (Lacto-Intensive Effect Complex)

The special lacto-intensive active complex is the basis of most medical BIOTURM products for problem skin.
This is organic whey (sour whey from certified organic farms), which is mixed with lactic acid bacteria under controlled conditions and fermented under the same conditions.
The milk proteins and lactose are broken down into amino acids, lactic acid and its salts.


CO2 extraction

Highly concentrated extract Power is a raw material extract
that is purer than hydrogen extraction or alcohol extraction, even if it is a small amount.


100% Natural organic

Experience cosmetics with 100% natural ingredients!
Bioturm's special pride, 100% natural-derived products, are produced through a completely different production process.
Apart from the unique technological difference, only the pure production cost is more than doubled.

For a difference of only 0.1%!!
In order to eliminate the 0.1% difference between 100% natural products and 99.9%, Bioturm spares no expense and technology.
Experience the uniqueness of Bioturm, which represents Germany's organic cosmetics.