Facial Cleansing & Care

The face is usually the first and most memorable thing you see of your counterpart.
A first glance is often enough to form a (albeit superficial) opinion about the person.
Therefore, most people strive to leave a good and healthy impression.
However, proper care is not only superficially important, but especially when the skin is prone to problems.
This usually has not only optical character, but through the right care, the well-being of those affected can be noticeably increased,
so that skin problems such as reddened skin, itching and tension no longer determine the entire everyday life.

Cleansing Foam No.125

Mild facial cleansing for normal and combination skin - with aloe vera and organic honey.

Cleansing milk plus No.51

Gentle cleansing and thorough make-up removal.

Tonic No.46

Invigorating freshness for the facial skin.

Firm facial cleansing for young skin

Gentle cleansing for blemished skin and combination skin in a rich firm, sulphate- and soap-free.

Green clay mask for young skin

Deeply effective cleansing, clarifies and soothes impure and combination skin.

Exfoliating mask young skin

Pore-deep cleansing with peeling effect and white clay for blemished skin and combination skin.

Cleansing Milk No.10

Mild and velvety cleansing for face and body.

Wash Lotion No.12

Cleans face and body without soap and with a skin-neutral pH value of 5.5.

Oat cleansing milk No.95

Mild, skin-soothing cleansing with colloidal oatmeal.

5% Urea Face Cream No.7

With moisturizing urea for soothing and light care of the facial skin.

Face Cream No.8

Soothing and protective care for dry facial skin.

Re-Active Face Cream No.44

Regenerating anti-aging facial care.

Anti-Redness Face Cream No.48

Accompanying care for rosacea and couperose - without alcohol.

Facial fluid young skin

Light and soothing care for impure facial skin and combination skin.

Facial Fluid Men No.127

Easily absorbed and soothing fluid for sensitive male skin.

Skin protection ointment No.1

The all-round care for all stressed skin areas, especially for therapy-accompanying care of neurodermatitis, psoriasis and dry to very dry skin.

Zinc Ointment No.30

Highly effective zinc ointment with 10% zinc in a light consistency for drying out damp skin areas, pimples and pustules.

Calendula Ointment No.31

The classic for rich baby, hand and all-weather care.

St. John's wort ointment No.57

Powerful active herb in the care of attacked, impure, reddened and tense skin.

Schisandra Ointment No.58

Traditional plant power for hyper-reactive and sensitive skin.

Intensive Ointment No.4

Powerful support for therapy-related care for psoriasis with the power of tiger grass.

CBD Ointment No.135

Perfume-free basic care with cannabidiol and hemp oil.

Silver Ointment No.33

Care for reddened and itchy skin.

Silver Lotion No.36

Light lotion with micro-silver for large-scale use on problem skin.

Oat Ointment No.93

Basic care for irritated skin with colloidal oatmeal.

Organic Milking Fat No.34

Intensive protection for heavily stressed skin during gardening, sports and cold weather - naturally paraffin-free.

Lip Balm No.69

Creamy balm for long-lasting care and shine.

Lip Care Repair No.54

Intense, moisturizing care for chapped, chapped lips.

Lip Care Protection No.55

Protective care for dry lips.

Lip Care Acute No.56

Quick help with acute problems such as tingling and feeling of tightness of the lips.

Eye cream sensitive No.59

Firming and rich intensive care for the delicate eye area.

Toothpaste organic herbs

Sulfate-free tooth cleaning WITHOUT fluoride!

Toothpaste organic mint

Sulfate-free teeth cleaning WITH fluoride!