Zinc Cream

soothing & improvement, tone up & glow skin, rich cream & sleeping mask pack
Zinc Cream contains 100% natural (derived), 73% organic ingredients, and 10% zinc oxide.
It soothes and improves in your skin, and strengthens the skin barrier that protects skin from irritating makeup.
It also improves skin tone and skin elasticity, and applies well to the skin and enhances the effect of makeup and long-lasts makeup.

How to use:
1. Use after basic makeup or before applying sunscreen or foundation.
2. Use an appropriate amount in order to enhance your skin tone and brighten your skin texture.
3. Though it is a thick, rich and highly concentrated cream, when you apply it thinly, it adheres to the skin refreshingly without stickiness.
4. When it's used as a sleeping mask pack, apply a little thicker to the entire face in order to soothe, improve and restore your tired and dull skin during the day.

Silver Cream

100% Naturally Derived Premium Organic Silver Cream, Dry Tickle & Skin Improvement Management Silver Cream!!
Bioturm Silver Cream is a very special cream for unhealthy skin.
It combines natural and organic ingredients with ionized silver to relieve dry skin and improve skin.
In addition, it is a very special and precious cream made entirely of 100% natural ingredients.
You can have an excellent experience in soothing and improving dry itching of dry, extremely dry, and temporarily dry normal skin.